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How To Create a Whole-Home Color Scheme

I am sure you have heard about a whole-home color scheme before, and if you haven't, you have come to the right place. A whole-home color scheme, or palette, utilizes only a few colors through out your entire home. However, the colors are used in various ways. For example, The ivory stripes painted on our nursery walls are also used as the trim color and drapery color through out our home.

Some of the biggest questions I get as a designer revolve around paint choices. "Why do I need a whole-home color scheme? Can't we just paint each room whatever color we want?" Or, " how do I create a whole-home color palette?" just to name a few.

Well, to answer your questions, yes and no. Of course you can paint your rooms whatever color you want, it's your home after all. But, there are also some great reasons to have a plan in place before you slap that school bus yellow paint up on your walls.


Why Plan a Whole-Home Color Scheme?

Do you want to know the biggest secret to creating a designer home? It's all in the plan.

  • One color scheme helps the entire home flow, looks more organized and, well-thought-out.

  • Your home will look bigger and more open.

  • It will give your home a custom designed look.

How to Create a Whole-Home Color Scheme:

I know that sounds great and all, but choosing a cohesive color scheme for the entire home is really daunting. Before you start, ask yourself lots of questions to create your plan. When I first begin assisting a new client, I always start by asking lots of questions. These questions ultimately lead to my plan for the space, and in turn a well designed home.

  • What colors do you absolutely love?

  • What colors do you already have in your home? Consider your cabinets, flooring, or handed down teapot from your Great Aunt Irma.

  • What feeling do you want your space to evoke? Relaxing, cozy, energetic?

When making your selections, select only 3-5 colors. Any more and your home may begin to look like a fun house (unless that's what you are going for, then I say go for it!).

So let's get started

Pick one saturated color. My husband and I really love blues. The window treatments we already had, and loved, were blue and red. So my first color I chose was a light teal color. We painted our daughter's room, kitchen, and dining room this color. I know this bright color may not be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love color and it complements our oak cabinets and wood floors wonderfully. This teal color is also in our nursery bedding and hall bath shower curtain.

Pick another color. Think accent color. This could be a color next to your first on the color wheel, creating a harmonious scheme. Or this could contrast your first color, creating a complementary color scheme. Because of our red and blue curtains, I chose red as my second color. I painted it on our front door and use lots of red accessories throughout our home.

Pick a neutral color. Think back to the existing finishes in your home. When we first moved into our home, the walls had lots of yellow undertones. I did not like the mix and yellow with our honey oak colored cabinets and decided to choose a cool grey instead. I have painted two different shades of this grey throughout our home. I used the lighter color in our master bedroom and bathroom. Then I painted the slightly darker version in our daughter's bathroom, half bath, and the nursery.

Finally, pick a lighter neutral or white. I personally chose a lighter neutral and white. While these final colors have not yet been painted, it's all about the plan. This is why its important to decide on a whole-home color scheme before painting. Even if it takes you {cough} three years {cough}. When it is all finished your home will look well-thought-out and designed. And that is the goal isn't it?

That's it! You have a whole-home paint pallet. That wasn't so hard was it? Well if it was and you are still needing a little more help, feel free to comment your questions or email me. Also, comment below and let me know about the paint colors you use in your home and absolutely love.

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