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I am very excited to announce a new service being offered here at Allie Wilmoth Interior Design! I am expanding to bring beautiful and functional design nationwide with e-design. E-design is an online interior design service. This service comes complete with a floor plan, furniture selections and paint selections. This easy to understand plan is created so you can achieve a designer home sent directly to your in-box.

E Design Presentation

How Does it Work?

First, I want to know all about you and how you use your space. To help me understand you better, fill out this survey. After completing the survey, measure your space and take lots of pictures. This does not have to be fancy, just enough so I can get an idea of your space. When measuring be sure to include windows and doors. The more thorough your measurements, the less questions I will have to ask later.

Let me know what you love about your space and any items you want to keep. Include pictures and measurements of any items you want to keep in your room. After you have taken pictures and measurements, email me at

In about 4-6 weeks you will receive your custom e-design in your email. This will include a floor plan with suggested furniture arrangement, drawn to scale. As well as 3D renderings of the space and note of how to achieve the designer look. I also include a purchase list with all furniture and accessories used, complete with dimensions and where to buy.

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Each completed step will result in one entry into the drawing. Also, if you shared my facebook live post last night you have already received one entry. Hurry and enter, the drawing will be held on March 31, 2018.


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